Kiwi-Designed Games that bring families together.

SchilMil Games is a board and card game design and publishing company headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand.  Our aim is to produce games that are beautiful to look at and have a satisfying balance of luck and strategy, with strong real world themes.  The perfect type of fun for all the family.

To date we have released four titles:

  • Komodo, a tile-laying strategy game featuring South Pacific animals
  • Raid the Pantry, a unique and colourful cooking-themed card game
  • Kenakalan, a lively ‘monkey mischief’ card game located in beautiful Bali
  • Granny Wars (A Game of Tit for Tat) with secret identities and battling grans.

Each game has its own website featuring overview videos, reviews and FAQs.
They are available for purchase online, from fine retailers across New Zealand and in a few farther-flung locations.

April 2014 news:

The Kickstarter campaign
for Manifest was a success.
The game is due to be published in August
~  ~  ~

In addition to promoting our existing games, we have other projects in the pipeline.
You can keep up with what we’re working on by checking our Blog, subscribing to our quarterly newsletter and following us on Facebook.

You can read more about our design philosophy and how we got started.

If you live in the Auckland area, we also invite you to be one of our playtesters.

Julia and Amanda
(Schil and Mil)

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