Clever stuff

Since the stock arrived we have been beavering hard to get retailers on board and generate some publicity and awareness. You can see from the growing list of retailers that we are making progress.

Also in the last few weeks we’ve managed two pretty good outbursts of publicity.  Both games were reviewed by Susan Baldacci on Radio New Zealand’s Afternoon show with Jim Mora.  We’ve linked the audio file here for those who missed it.

Susan recommends Raid the Pantry for adults to play before a dinner party especially if Greek Salad or Flan is on the menu. Regarding Komodo, she said, “The concept behind this is incredibly clever….. You create the board in each game so each game is going to be completely different.” Which is a bang on accurate description so she must have played it.

Also, we managed to get a cover feature and article in the current issue of Menzed (the NZ Mensa magazine), and are waiting to see if we also appear in TableAus, the Australian Mensa publication due out on 1st July.

OK, that’s enough trumpet blowing. Back to the nitty gritty of designing new games.

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