Getting about a bit

Schil and Mil have been busy. Mil attended a session at the New Zealand German Business Association about the Nurnburg Spielwarenmesse next January.  We also held a corporate test session of the Kenakalan prototypes at our Accountants’ offices. It may have been something to do with Friday night drinks & nibbles and the naughty monkeys, but there was riotous laughter and lots of good feedback from the gang there. Some of them demanding to know when they can buy a copy.

That was just a warm up to the weekend activities in St Heliers where “Board Games by the Bay” is now an annual event in Auckland. SchilMil held the world’s first ever Komodo tournament on Saturday and on Sunday the premiere Raid the Pantry tourney. These attracted a good amount of interest, with 16 people playing in each over a 2 hour period.

The winners (pictured below) were Brad Thompson and Patience Davis. They each went home with a copy of the game they had played. Brad told Schil he owed his success to the noble dugong.

Brad Thompson: The winner of the worlds first Komodo board game tournament. Auckland July 2012

Patience Davis: the world's first Raid the Pantry tournament winner. Auckland July 2012

At the end of a hectic and enjoyable weekend we wound down by playing some new games with new friends. I particularly enjoyed learning Tsuro and DiscWorld, which I managed to win even though I didn’t really know what I was doing and have never read a Terry Pratchett book in my life.

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