Bonding with Mr K

Not satisfied with being lauded with awards and getting rave reviews from the respected game reviewer Tom Vasel, our Mr. K has really got some strange ideas into his head lately.  For some reason he thinks he’s now a big movie star: he wants his suit re-pressed every morning and keeps calling for cocktails. At this rate we are going to have to send him back on the next boat to Indonesia.

If you think you can handle his tantrums and mock secret-agent manouvers, you can catch him at the following upcoming appearances:

  • Saturday Dec 1st at Mainly Toys, Mt Eden, with Schil
  • Sunday Dec 2nd at Puzzled on Devonport Wharf, with Schil
  • Sunday Dec 2nd at Coatesville Market, with Mil

Just watch out for his acid tongue, corny wit – and flatulence if he has been at the beetroot again.

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