New Year, New Country, New Games…

Happy New Year to one and all!

December saw a satisfying increase in our sales. It is heart-warming for us to think that hundreds of people in NZ and some farther away opened Xmas gifts containing *our* games!  One satisfied customer sent a photo of their Raid cards they had sleeved in plastic to protect them from overuse.

While Mil was in Melbourne over the Xmas hols she enjoyed teaching her niece’s children to play SchilMil Games. During Raid the Pantry seven year-old Thalia asked – “Aunty Mandy, did you colour in all these cards yourself?”
So sweet. I recounted a brief summary of the real world which was an eye opener for them, I think.

Coming up in the first bit of 2013:

  • Schil is on holiday in Akaroa and visiting current and potential retailers in Canterbury
  • Mil will be taking a brief sojourn to Fjiordland in early Feb and visiting potential retailers in Queenstown, Riverton & Invercargill
  • Preparations are under way for our visit across the ditch to the Australian Toy & Hobby Fair – our first ever Trade show, where we hope to connect with distributors to help us get product into Australian shops
  • Prototypes are being worked on: Squirrels, cargo, pirates, and more are getting closer to being ready for testing
  • We will be at Battlecry on Feb 16th with some games available to be played and possibly brand new hot-off-the-printer prototypes too
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