Sticking it to the card again

Both Schil and Mil are back at home base after our traveling and marketing efforts.

Now we are about to unleash two new games into Stage 2 testing.

Excitement mounts as we put the finishing touches to these prototypes. They will both be on the table looking for willing volunteers at Board Games by the Bay, starting tomorrow.

Granny Wars:  A game of Tit 4 Tat sees battling nanas and their allies sabotaging each others’ craft projects in a quick paced card game of secret identities.


Manifest – “It’s tough out there on
the high seas.”
A map-based game where you must ship your cargo to its destination without being robbed by pirates, blown off course or foiled by competitors.


If you are in Auckland this weekend why not come play with us?

You can also check out our latest newsletter if you missed it it is here

Happy Gaming from Schil & Mil
Mr K says Hi too



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