Looking for a crowd!

Today we launched Manifest on Kickstarter, the crowd-funding website. It is our most ambitious game yet – with lots of components, beautiful artwork and a great theme!

It has gotten off to a pretty good start, with over $1,100 pledged in the first 2 hours. However, we do need to maintain momentum and reach a bigger crowd than Julia and I ourselves can touch personally.

Here are three ways you can support us:

1. Watch the main video on the Kickstarter page to the very end — it is only 2:26 mins — as that helps increase our % of ‘completed views’ on Kickstarter.  If the %  is high enough it will help get Manifest featured on their home page.

2. Back us! For as little as $1. Every dollar helps.

3. Think of a friend or colleague that may be interested in Manifest and share with them the link www.manifestgame.com which will direct them straight to our Kickstarter page.

Thank you. Your help is appreciated.

Schil and Mil



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