Pirate Pop Quiz

Here’s an exciting chance to be part of our Manifest game.  Send us an email with the answers to the questions below by 5:00 PM on March 26th (New Zealand time).

We will draw a winner from all of the correct entries.  That person gets the chance to be pictured on one of the Action cards (provided this or a subsequent Kickstarter campaign is successful.)  The winner may also pick the caption for their photo and the city for their newspaper.

1.  How many different men are shown playing Manifest in the main campaign video?

2. Which language have the directions been translated into?

3. How many cargo tokens will be in a Manifest game?

4. What is the last day of the campaign?

5. If $28,000 is reached, what will be added to the game?

6. Name any one of the four other games SchilMil has published.

Hint:  You’ll find the answers by visiting the Manifest Kickstarter campaign page.

Send your answers to amanda@schilmilgames.com

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