Shipping news and flying the coop

First the break-up news:

Julia Schiller and Amanda Milne have agreed to divide their operations into two companies to better meet local and international demand. To this end, Julia Schiller has left us to form a new company, Cheeky Parrot Games, which will focus on the Australasian market and family games at an attractive price point.  SchilMil Games will continue to design and market premium board and card games internationally. Amanda will continue as Managing Director.

Both Companies have agreed to continue marketing and distributing SchilMil titles jointly. Cheeky Parrot Games will act as a non-exclusive distributor for SchilMil products within New Zealand and Australia. The change will have no impact on the availability of SchilMil products or the schedule for Manifest, our new board game, which is currently at the printers and due for release in August.

And on that subject:

I am happy to announce that the Manifest artwork is all now with the printer and the online proof has been approved. Pending a small issue with sourcing round-cornered dice rather than square dice, the print production should be speeding ahead with a great tail wind behind it. The August publication date seems to be achievable at this stage.

Getting it all together took a solid month of focussed and detailed work that started straight after the Kickstarter campaign ended.  The extra goodness we are able to add to the game due to meeting all five stretch goals will make Manifest an even better game than we had envisaged.  These stretch goals allowed us to add:

  1. A tailored plastic tray to hold all the bits in the box
  2. A set of five Company Advantage cards (for a variant)
  3. A black pirate ship (another variant)
  4. A double-sided game board, with an Antipodean centric map on side B (shown below)
  5. Custom dice for those pirate rolls





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