The Shipping News!

MANIFEST was officially released August 20th and has now been delivered (or at least on its way) to the 300+ Kickstarter backers. The game is available from some of SchilMil’s existing retailers plus a few new locations in the USA, Belgium, and Canada as well as on Amazon US & UK , and Ebay!

It was an amazing experience, to garner world-wide support for a product that doesn’t even exist yet, and then to deliver it and meet the backers’ expectations. I can see why some games publishers swear that crowd-funding is the way of the future.

An added bonus of the Kickstarter was having enthusiastic backers around the world helping promote the game; three of them even gave their time to translate the rule-book into their language, so there are now French, Italian and German rulebooks.

We have put Australia and NZ on the games’ world map.  One of the ‘Stretch Goals’ funded (there were five in total), allowed us to print a double-sided game board so it has a traditional map projection and also an Antipodean centric map with New Zealand slap bang in the middle.

Feedback on Manifest

“Absolutely love this game. Perfect balance of strategy and ease of learning/teaching it!” – Benjamin, Texas

“Managed to squeeze in a quick game with my 7 year old son. Had a blast. He kicked my butt.” – Craig, Wellington

“This could be one of my most favorite games to come along in years.” – Andrew Fischer, Pennsylvania

Club Fantasci Interviews Amanda Milne

I was approached recently by Club Fantasci blogger David Lowry and this interview was the result.

Free Stuff!

If you haven’t yet joined the SchilMil Facebook page, now is a good time as we are running a series of easy competitions with game prizes in the lead up to Christmas. Three games have been won in the last month.

 Happy Gaming!



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