Rockin’ & Rollin’

Since Manifest has built up a head of steam and is journeying well I’ve turned my attention to designing a new game. It is a theme that has been rumbling around in my head for many months; I have now built a prototype and started testing it.

This is a worker placement game where your aim is to put together a rock band, take them on tour and record albums whilst keeping the band members out of too much trouble. Just about every thing they do creates trouble so you need to balance your actions to keep them productive.

The first few tests have gone really well and I am getting great feedback from play-testers that is helping me tweak and refine the mechanics. There is no real artwork yet so not much to show off.  But I need your help ….

I have been struggling to come up with a short, snappy and meaningful name for this new game so I thought I’d run a competition to ‘Name the Game’.

Please enter as many times as you like. If I choose your suggested name you’ll win your choice of games from the SchilMil store up to the value of $100, and a credit in the new game if it gets published.

The competition is open until the end of the year. I shall announce the name of the game in early January.

In other news, we’ve invested in a new domain name to showcase our great NZ designed games. Check it out:



Left: Rockers playtesting the game currently known as ‘Stoned Age’ at Board Games By The Bay  – November 2014.

Finally, I smiled when I read this recent article in The Guardian  about Board games Golden Age. The picture shows Thirsty Meeples cafe in Oxford where Komodo is one of the games in residence. “a community of independent designers and publishers has been steadily producing innovative, exciting and beautiful games offering experiences beyond even those of the most sophisticated gaming hardware.”

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