Names galore!

Thank you to all who submitted name suggestions for the Rock Band game that’s under development. There were 88 names suggested! And lots of good ones.

I have not made the call yet as to what the game will be called. This is because it is undergoing major renovations in both look and mechanics. In gamer lingo it is currently a mix of worker placement and area control with some simultaneous action selection. We are pretty sure that the era will be the 1970s.

I am meeting regularly with the co-designer (even though he is not in Auckland) to test our prototypes, and will be looking at resuming wider testing once we have something solid to unveil. The $100 prize will still be open if we use your name suggestion.

In the meantime I have done an interim prize draw with all the people who submitted names, and can announce that a $50 store voucher goes to Clisa Tait. I will be in touch with you Clisa.

Happy New Year!

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