Introducing an Evil Goat

About a month ago I was talking to a friend, who is also a game designer, about how he got his inspiration for designing new games. At that time I had a sudden brain wave that a ghostly goat that appears in a short story written by another friend* could be the basis for an interesting game.

A couple of iterations later, I have a working prototype that is about to start formal testing. The working name is The Devil’s Goat. The setting is Guernsey in the Channel Islands circa 1895 or thereabouts.

Guernsey has a rich history of such goings on….  Article on

“Witchcraft is said to abound in the island. Both black and white witches are said to practice in Guernsey.

The black witches were said to practice ritual witchcraft. They held assemblies and covens to summon demons and devils. The black witches were said to be led by an unknown person, who often disguised himself as an animal.
Although the leader changed, it was always known as the Devil. 
Reports say they usually disguised themselves as cats and goats.”

In the game, players take on one character who lives on the island. Each has their own secret agenda.  Rumours abound, goat sightings and attacks occur regularly; foreign journalists pay good money for stories to print. Each player is trying to achieve their own goal before the Evil Goat runs amok and tries to kill them. At that point in the game it becomes a team effort to stay alive: the characters versus the Goat!

Here is a sneak preview of some of the prototype components. Proper artwork is a wee way off.

As an aside: proof that I am a city girl at heart: I went to Whitcoulls toy department to buy a mini goat for the prototype, and I had to ask for help to tell them apart from the sheep and the cows!

* The Defenders of Guernsey by Peter Kenny
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