Goat, and Shipping news

Winter has arrived with a gale and a storm here, leaving plenty of time for a concerted burst of game design.  The Devil’s Goat has been out and about terrifying play-testers at Board Games By The Bay, WellyCon as well as at some of my local Auckland games groups.

In other news – all SchilMil games are now available at great prices on Amazon.com, and supplies are on their way to Amazon.co.uk

Since it’s inception The Devil’s Goat has changed quite a bit:

A mock up cover - not final artwork

  • the roles are no longer secret
  • the deck of Action cards has given way to an Action placement mechanic
  • Goat attacks are randomised using a small deck of Attack cards
  • there are now pubs on the map to shelter from harm
  • instead of a Hunter, there’s a Doctor role to heal the wounded islanders, and I am thinking of adding a Priest as a 5th Character.

The theme, the different Character’s goals and the mechanic are the things most often mentioned by play-testers that they like about the game.



Peter Kenny has written a spine-chilling intro:

I will be starting to run supervised and blind test sessions mid-June through late August. If you are not already on our Tester’s list, sign up now!

Happy Gaming

The Devil’s Goat in play at WellyCon,  and a close up of Amelia’s player board


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