Kickstarter success!

So, I ran a second Kickstarter last month. The first was in 2014, for Manifest. So much had changed since those days, way back 4 years ago. For a start there is now a massive amount of competition, with most games coming to Kickstarter looking very professional and with a big crowd pushing them forward due to pre-funding marketing campaigns.  In addition to the expected mid-campaign slow-down, we had to contend with a percentage of  backers choosing to cancel their pledges whenever another shiny new game was launched. Not for the feint-hearted.

We did well, despite all the competition.

What helped?  AuZtralia being a Martin Wallace design, with great artwork, and a lot of legwork on the promotional side by myself and some crucial helpers (thanks Ella and others). The game also received fantastic reviews from key influencers like Rahdo, and Heavy Cardboard.

JC 2

A great success!

  • Funded in 12 hours  (I was desperately wanting to go to bed, but backers on the comments were chatting and encouraging me to see it out to funding, which happened about 1 am local time.)
  • Campaign ran for 24 days March 6th – 30th
  • Backed by 3,863 people
  • Total raised NZD $274,210 (the goal was $50,000)
  • Fully localised/translated into six language editions as well as English
  • First print run =  16,000 copies
  • Partnership with Stronghold Games and six other publishers.

Banner 728x90 v5
If you missed the AuZtralia Kickstarter, the game is now available for pre-order on BackerKit, and is expected to ship to customers in September. There are a limited number of earlier Martin Wallace (Treefrog)  and SchilMil titles available there too.

Some of the improvements that were made to the game thanks to backer support:

  • Double sided map board, with two distinct rules sets
  • Realistic resources replacing the wooden cubes
  • Solo game objectives x 10
  • Two-player challenges x 5
  • Extra tiles to add ‘Spawning Temples’ for a tougher game
  • A miniature metal Cthulhu figure (only available in the KS edition while it is on pre-order)


This week Martin was here at SchilMil HQ in Auckland, and we ticked off all the English artwork ready for manufacturing to commence.


Now for a rest, and some planning what to do next ….



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