Hi Mum,

Sorry I haven’t written lately. Immigration is quite a big adjustment. Today I’m really missing my warm, sandy beach back on Komodo. Who knew Kiwi winters were so cold? It’s 15 degrees today in Auckland, and it’s rainy and windy.
On the plus side, it’s perfect weather for staying in and playing games.

Winter in Auckland: Break out the woollies and the board games

In fact, there are several really good board game events here in the winter. This past weekend was the fifth annual Wellycon, which is the largest board gaming event in New Zealand. SchilMil sent down a Raid the Pantry and a Komodo for the games library and they were raffled off. I’m told they went to good homes.

Seriously Board sponsors three events called Board Games by the Bay. The Auckland BGBtB will be on July 21-22, and later in the year there will be BGBtB events in Tauranga and Hamilton.

And if you’re into Scrabble, there are clubs in all of the major cities and one or two tournaments held every month. SchilMil Games also sponsored a games raffle at the Scrabble Nationals, which were held in Auckland this year and attracted 100 contenders in seven grades.

This Saturday, June 9, Schil and Mil are showing me and the Pantry off at Mainly Toys, a fun place in Mt Eden in Auckland. Maybe I’ll even get to sign some autographs. Cross claws the weather will improve by then!

Your everloving scaly son,
Komodo Xxx

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