Name that Shop Contest: Win a Free Game

Kenakalan (aka Monkey Mischief) is a new card game we are developing. Each player has a shop front card to display their progress on. It’s not integral to the game itself but we thought it would be fun to give each shop a name.

You get the idea from the examples below. The trouble is we need more ideas for funny Travel/Tour shop names…….

Leave a comment below with your suggestion. If we use your shop name in the game we’ll send you a free copy of Kenakalan once it’s been manufactured.  (You need to leave us your email address for the prize, but it won’t be shown on this page).
Closing date for entries: June 30, 2012.

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10 Responses to Name that Shop Contest: Win a Free Game

  1. J D says:

    Here is my share of suggestions;

    Hire Fliers – Supersonic Rentals
    Muser’s Cruises – Find you inspiration
    Idyllic Getaways
    Sails Away – Yacht Adventures
    Sunset Sails
    Myers Hires
    Tyres for Hire

  2. Wouter says:

    Ok here ar my suggestions:

    “Blue Lagoon”
    “At World’s End”
    “Star Trekking”
    “Island Hopper”
    “Carmen Sandiego”

    Beware of copyright issues though…

  3. Jason Trott says:

    Green Dragon Fantacy Flights
    Flightless Kiwi
    Sunny side upmarket tours
    Skies the Limit
    For the yellow card (Submarine Apartments)
    Down Under Caving
    Apocalypse Day Tours

  4. Here’s two more:
    Gilligan’s Cruises
    Gulliver’s Travel

  5. Neil Goulder says:

    Tom’s Cruises

  6. Debbie Plimmer says:

    Go there, Do that Travel Adventures
    The World is your Oyster – Tours for Singles
    Pocket Rocket Travel – Out of this world experiences
    Day Trippers – Short Tours for small change
    Get-a-Way Car Rentals
    Lost & Found – Guided tours for the geographically challenged

    DIY – Tools for Fools
    Pedal to the metal – fast bikes for all types
    Purrrrrfect Pets
    Flower Power
    Hair Raising – Salon Style

  7. Abel says:

    how about:
    Ocean Blue Cruises
    Brown Derby Town Tours
    Yellow Sands Resorts and Travel
    Greener Pasture Getaways
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. maxcan says:

    How about these….
    Sands Away
    Treks Afar
    Cruise Control
    Dreamtime Tours
    Quantum Leaps
    Flights of Fancy

  9. Cameron McCulloch says:

    “Get Away Today”
    “Suzy’s Cruisy Tours”
    “And the 7 Seas”

  10. nzmeerkat says:

    How about “Tours R’ Us”