SchilMil’s Story

Our aim is to create modern board and card games that are aesthetically pleasing, offer a different experience each time they are played, and successfully tread the fine line between rewarding strategy and luck.

Originally started in 2011 by Amanda Milne and Julia Schiller, the company is based in Auckland, New Zealand.  In May 2014 Julia left to start a new business.

Amanda says: “I grew up in Wembley, North London, studied Geography and Politics at University in Wales before working as a transport planner at the London Underground HQ. I’ve always been into games and started the Backgammon society at my college.

“I’ve lived in New Zealand since 1992 and worked for Auckland University for many years. I have done two stints as Chair of Mensa New Zealand. I’ve found my vocation as a Game Designer!”

‘Women in Board Gaming’: Amanda is interviewed by Club Fantasci

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