If you are in Auckland, please let us know if you would like to help us with testing new games by completing this short preferences form. This will help ensure you get invited to the sort of testing (and games) that suit you best.

Thank you for placing feedback after testing.  We rely on honest feedback from our play-testers so we can develop the best games possible. Tell us the truth please – we can take it.


Devil’s Goat – the game that could thrill you or kill you.

Testing starting May 2015.




The Rock n Roll game!

Development is on hold as of Feb 2015.  Could be back ‘on the road’ in a couple of months.


Manifest - the game of cargo, shipping, pirates and other trouble at sea.Manifest. A board game with secret missions, shipping, cargo, pirates and other trouble at sea.  Set in the roaring ’20s.
Testing closed Feb 2014. Thank you to all our helpers.



About our testing process

Our three-stage testing process consists of:

  1. Testing in-house with our close conspirators. We do this until we are confident it’s a good game with solid bones and the right balance between luck and strategy.
  2. Inviting testers to attend supervised play-test sessions. Here we teach the game, play it with you and make copious notes as to how you understood the game and what sticking points need addressing. We often get great suggestions to improve things at this stage. We take all suggestions seriously and make many iterations of games and repeat this process again and again, with different people or repeat testers if they are keen.
  3. Blind testing: giving you the game to play with your friends and family in your own time and space, without SchilMil present. This stage can reveal improvements and is vital to making sure the rule book is clear and understandable. We need to do this with people who haven’t been involved in Stage 2.



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