Babyrousa celebensis       Omnivore     Diurnal      Status: Vulnerable

Babirusa in the Komodo board game

Babirusa playing card in the Komodo board game








Babirusa species from Indonesia represent one of the oldest living members of the pig family.  Their most distinctive feature is their four tusks, which are enlarged canine teeth that curve back from the snout to the forehead and are used in male combat and dominance displays.

The north Sulawesi babirusa is the best-known of the species.  Babirusa females and their young live in groups which can number 80 individuals, whereas males are solitary.  The female typically bears just one or two offspring at a time and only has one pair of teats.  Babirusa eat leaves, roots, fruit, nuts and animal material.  Their name means ‘pig deer’ in Malay.

Babirusa Photo courtesy of Desmond Ong.

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