Dromaius novaehollandiae           Omnivore         Diurnal        Status: Least concern

Komodo Board Game Emu

Emu playing card in the Komodo Board Game








The second largest living bird, the emu is common throughout much of Australia. They can grow to 2 metres high, weigh up to 55 kg, and cover 275 centimeters with one stride when galloping. Able to run 50 km/h, emus can also swim. They kick to defend themselves from dingos and raptors and are capable of ripping metal fences with their strong claws. They occupy most of Australia’s habitats including grassland and forests.

Emus can regulate their body temperature in surroundings of -5 to 45 degrees. It is the male who incubates the dark green eggs over a period of eight weeks. He loses a third of his body weight during that time. Emus are farmed for their meat, oil and leather.

Photo courtesy of Jan Zawadzki.

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