Giant Cuttlefish

Giant Cuttlefish

Giant Cuttlefish

Sepia apama            Carnivore              Diurnal             Status: Uncertain

Komodo Board Game Cuttlefish

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The amazing giant cuttlefish can grow to more than 10 kg in weight over a lifetime of just two to three years, as both males and females die soon after mating. It is found along Australia’s southern coastline, from Shark Bay in Western Australia to Brisbane.

South Australia’s Spencer Gulf contains a unique breeding aggregation, where one cuttlefish per square meter can be found. This has become a major tourist attraction since its discovery in the late 1990’s. Cuttlefish can change their skin’s colour and texture to camouflage themselves against sand, rocks and seaweed or to dazzle potential mates. They spend over 90% of their time resting and hiding, which enables them to invest most of their energy into growth.

Photo courtesy of Steve Dreezer.

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