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  • Bloodstones
    Martin Wallace's fantasy wargame featuring six different races, each with its own specific powers and its own mix of units, represented by domino-shaped tiles. 1-6 players
    NZ$ 179.00
    NZ$ 169.00
    Last few copies!
  • Lindyhop
    Lindy Hop swing dancing has enthusiasts worldwide. Lindyhop the cooperative card game challenges a pair of players to stay in sync to score points.

    2 players / Age 10+ / 20 minutes
    NZ$ 34.95
    In stock now!
  • AuZtralia
    AuZtralia is an adventure/exploration game set in an alternate reality 1930s.

    Be prepared for when Cthulhu and the Old Ones awaken!

    Designed by Martin Wallace
    NZ$ 99.95
    NZ$ 89.95
  • Manifest
    You have ships full of passengers and precious cargo, but can you handle pirate robbers, terrifying storms and a stockmarket crash that might devalue your goods?
    NZ$ 79.95
    NZ$ 69.95
    In store now
  • Finca
    Players take the roles of Mallorcan farmers, who strive to harvest as many of the island's tropical fruits: figs, almonds, olives, oranges, grapes, and lemons, as possible.
    NZ$ 89.95
    NZ$ 79.95
  • Komodo
    Are you the most ruthless zoologist?
    Your mission: prevent the extinction of Australasian animals.
    2-4 players / Age 8+
    NZ$ 49.95
    NZ$ 44.95
    In store now
  • Crimopolis
    Set in 1926, you are an unsuccessful gangster in a petty town. Tired of doing small jobs that only earn stress and scars, you dream of putting the hype on big time. The rumble on the street is the big guys in the big cities are pulling the big dough, and you want to be the most prestigious of them all.
    NZ$ 89.95
  • Floating Floors
    Ninjas face off to recover their stolen Bansen seals in this unique New Zealand-designed game of dexterity and cunning.
    NZ$ 45.00
  • Ulterior Design

    A Game for the House Proud!  You always try to keep up with the latest home decorating trends, and now that might pay off if your home catches the eye of a judge from Decor Rate magazine. You could win a prize and have your home featured in their publication.

    2-6 players     Age 8+     15 mins

    NZ$ 25.00
    Here Now!
  • Raid the Pantry
    It's a food fight without the mess. Will you resort to dumpster diving?
    NZ$ 27.95
  • Flipology
    Journey through the Flipp Forest, a magical place home to creatures from all around the world.
    NZ$ 23.95
  • Kenakalan

    Unleash monkey mayhem with this quick and lively game set in beautiful Bali.

    2-6 players    /    Age  7+    /    15-30 minutes

    NZ$ 19.95
    NZ$ 15.95
  • Galilean Moons

    Control the moons of Jupiter and mine the valuable resources with your army of robots,

    NZ$ 89.95
    NZ$ 69.95
  • Hoard
    Can you gather and secure more treasure than your fellow-adventurers from the Hoard of the sleeping dragon?
    NZ$ 32.00
  • Granny Wars
    A fast-playing game of tit for tat and secret identities for up to 8 players. Great gift for your nan!
    NZ$ 19.95
  • World Changers

    Who would you take to another planet if Earth were no longer inhabitable? What if you could pick people from long bygone eras?

    1-4 players Age 10+ 10 minutes

    NZ$ 34.95
  • Flaming Pyramids
    Lay tiles of straw, wood, and stone to build a pyramid together, but each player is trying to get rid of their own tiles first to win the game.
    2nd edition
    NZ$ 27.95
  • Kiitos
    Kiitos is a fast, fun strategy word game. You make words, not just with letters in your hand, but with letters that may be in your opponent's.
    NZ$ 24.95
  • Oaxaca
    You are a family of skilled Oaxacan crafters preparing to sell your artisan wares to tourists at a bustling outdoor market.
    NZ$ 35.95
  • Cat Capers
    What would you do if you were a cat for a day?
    NZ$ 25.00
  • Miniature Metal Cthulhu
    40mm tall and packaged in a black velvet bag and tuck box.

    Sculpted by a British jeweller and cast in solid metal. The Cthulhu will enhance many games, not just AuZtralia.
    NZ$ 12.50
    NZ$ 9.95
  • AuZtralia Promo Card set
    10 Helper cards for AuZtralia, plus 6 Mythos Cards for the Revenge expansion (3 for multi-player, 3 for the Solo game)
    NZ$ 9.95
  • TaZmania and Revenge Combo
    Both AuZtralia expansions.
    NZ$ 114.90
    NZ$ 94.95
  • AuZtralia Special Edition
    An adventure/exploration game set in an alternate reality 1930s. Cthulhu meets railway building. Designed by Martin Wallace.
    The Kickstarter edition comes complete with the Miniature Metal Cthulhu.
    NZ$ 99.95
  • Animal Lovers combo
    Cat Capers + Flipology + Kenakalan Monkey Mischief = More creatures for all the family!

    Please view the game details under their product listings.
    NZ$ 67.00
    NZ$ 57.00
  • Gift set card games - series 1
    * Raid the Pantry 3rd Ed
    * Granny Wars
    * Kenakalan Monkey Mischief

    Please view the game details under their product listings.
    NZ$ 68.00
    NZ$ 59.95
  • Gift set card games  - series 2
    * Flipology
    * Hoard
    * Kiitos

    Please view the game details under their product listings.
    NZ$ 73.85
    NZ$ 64.95
  • Gift set of board games
    * Cat Capers
    * Flaming Pyramids
    * Oaxaca

    Please view the game details under their product listings.
    NZ$ 79.90
    NZ$ 69.95

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