Ulterior Design

Ulterior Design

A Game for the House Proud!  You always try to keep up with the latest home decorating trends, and now that might pay off if your home catches the eye of a judge from Decor Rate magazine. You could win a prize and have your home featured in their publication.

2-6 players     Age 8+     15 mins

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The first player to collect three awards wins this quick card game.

Cards with three types of interior decorations (houseplants, paintings and lamps) in two columns must be played in an overlapping fashion.

Players start by revealing the current trend: displaying one card face up in a central area. Then they place one card from their hand faceup in their area, trying to match the current trend as closely as possible.

Turns begin, and on each turn, a player selects one of their three hand cards to add to their own house (redecorate), to influence what is trending (by adding a card to the central area), or by sabotaging a rival (by adding their card to an opponent's house). Then the player tops their hand back up to three cards and reveals a card from the event card deck, which may be a judge, a reshuffle, or crickets.

Judges are either looking for the right number of plants, portraits or lamps. One judge is looking for the player who most closely matches the total number of items in the current trend. If there is a tie between players, the award goes to the one who played least recently, as they were trending before it was cool.


  • 69 Decor cards
  • 16 Event cards
  • 13 Gold tokens
  • Compact magnetic closing box

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