The board game of Shipping, Cargo, Pirates and other Trouble at Sea,
set in the roaring ’20s

For 2 – 5 players

Plays in 45-60 minutes


It’s the roaring ’20s and fortunes can be made steaming across the wild oceans.  You have ships full of passengers and precious cargo, but can you outrun pirate robbers, terrifying storms, and a stock market crash that might devalue your goods?

To succeed, you’ll need a captain’s steady nerve and the help of Lady Luck to land your cargo where it’s needed.


 1 -  A document listing a ship’s contents, cargo, passengers, and crew.
 2 - A highly interactive game of nautical mayhem!

Win points for your shipping company by completing Contracts. Pick up the required goods or passengers at their source, then navigate the high seas to deliver them to the port where they are wanted. Be sure to load more cargo than you need to deliver, as there are many hazards along the way, storms, rough seas, dockside thieves and pirates hiding among the waves.

With a choice of Private or Public Contracts, two ships in your charge, and multipurpose Action cards, there are hard choices and many paths to victory, as well as plenty of fun ‘take that’ options to thwart your opponents.



Looks great and plays even better.”

– Brian, Sydney



Manifest can be played in two ways: Standard and Expert. 

The Standard game is the introductory and family game. The Expert game builds on this, with a deck-buying and building mechanic replacing the blind Action card draw, thus adding another level of strategy that confident players may prefer.

The How to Play video shows simplified turns  with ideal Action cards. In normal play it is not so easy to complete the Contracts as you will have less than perfectly matched Action cards and other players may well try to slow you down, or steal your cargo.

How to play the Standard Game

How to play the Expert Game



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