How much mischief can you unleash?

For 2 – 6 players
Age 8+

Plays in 15-30 minutes


When you play Kenakalan, you become a tour operator on the paradise isle of Bali.  So everything’s wonderful —  except for those MADDENING MONKEYS! 

After all, you’ve got a business to run: to outdo all your tricky competitors and arrange your perfect tours.  But … just when you’re on the brink of victory the WICKED MONKEYS  ruin your beautiful plans with their MONKEY MISCHIEF. 

Play Kenakalan – the fun new card game – and discover the truth:  are you the king of the operators or just monkeying around?




Kenakalan is a fantastic, easy to play game that is ideal for families with smaller children.  Its quick play time can serve as a nice after-dinner family game and its simple (but engaging) mechanics will attract players of all ages”

– Read the full Review by Vince Paone of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on his blog: Dad’s Gaming Addiction.



The Aim of the Kenakalan Card Game 

 Be the first player to place in your shopfront three or four sets of matching tour cards.   The tours must be different in number and theme.


 The red player has won by collecting and displaying sets of 3 bird, 4 spirituality, 5 craft & culture and 6 stonework cards.  A wild card stands in for one of the birds.

The Kenakalan tours have themes

Tour cards show attractions and places of interest your customers can enjoy in Bali.  Each set of 8 has a unique coloured border and symbol.   Kenakalan Wild cards can be substituted for any type of tour card.

Push your luck and try to dodge the monkeys’ tricks

The wise monkeys are your friends and help you to reach your winning goals. The wicked monkeys have all sorts of mischief up their furry sleeves. The even wicked-er thing is you can often pass them on to play havoc with your neighbours’ shops!

Luck or strategy?

It’s a mixture in this game. You need luck on your side but you must also be willing to take a risk!  The sooner you lay down your cards as tours and declare your hand, the harder it is to finish the larger tours, and your opponents then know what you are collecting. On the other hand, holding onto lots of cards puts them at risk from monkey mischief. Can you hold out long enough to win?

Kenakalan Overview Video

Click left to watch a one-minute overview of Kenakalan.

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